How many people can I squeeze in your limo?

A super-stretch Lincoln limousine, the standard vehicle in the limousine industry, holds up to 8 passengers. It is also INSURED for up to 8 passengers. If a company overloads a vehicle, and has an accident, you simply will be out of luck if you need to collect damages. Also, you need to take into consideration the comfort level of yourself and the other passengers. Those companies that will “squeeze” more than the legally allowed amount of people into a vehicle aren’t taking into consideration dress sizes, elbow room, or varying sizes of the passengers. We will NEVER overload a vehicle; we have capacity for up to 26 passengers in a single vehicle.

Am I guaranteed the vehicle stated on my contract?

Once a contract is confirmed, and signed by us, the vehicle stated is 100% guaranteed. If for some reason, your specific vehicle cannot be provided, we will call immediately, explain the vehicles available for substitution, and you have the choice of accepting another vehicle, or voiding the contract and receiving a full refund of your deposit.

How much do I need for a deposit?

There is a credit card required for deposits on airport services. There is a one (1) hour minimum payment required for all weddings, proms, and other hourly charters, or 20% for lengthy charters.

Can I change/downsize the vehicle on my contract?

Yes, but your original deposit will be forfeited, and a new deposit will be required. If available, a vehicle can be upsized with no penalties. This is based strictly on availability

Is there a charge for waiting time?

We always allow a 10 minute grace period, to load luggage, or to gather your group together. After 10 minutes, there is a waiting time charge of $20 per quarter hour for sedans and limos, or $30 per quarter hour for SUV’s and buses.

Do additional stops cost extra?

On hourly packages, such as weddings, there are no additional charges for extra stops. This includes taking pictures, stopping at home, etc. This does NOT apply if you want to use the vehicle as a shuttle service or to tour around with no specific destinations in mind.
On airport transfers, and point-to-point transfers, additional stops are extra. The rates will be determined by the distance between, or the amount of extra time they consume. Call for specifics.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept personal checks for deposits, and for any payment made at least 15 days in advance of your event. We always accept cash, and credit cards, as long as the card holder is present to sign. Money orders are accepted for amounts up to $200.00 if drawn from a recognized bank. Money orders from currency exchanges will NOT be accepted.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes, of course. All vehicles are equipped with coolers and ice.
Underage drinking will not be tolerated. If at any point, a minor is in possession of alcohol, or appears intoxicated, the transfer will be terminated immediately, and parents must come and take charge of the minor. If a parent is not available, the local police will be called, and the entire group discharged from the vehicle.

What if we decide we want the car for a longer period of time?

As long as the vehicle isn’t scheduled to be somewhere else, we will gladly extend the length of your event. This is completely dependant on scheduling. The best rule is to schedule for as long as you feel you may need the vehicle, but there is no refund for unused time, so being punctual counts.

Can we smoke in the vehicle?

All of our vehicles are NON-smoking.

Can we eat in the vehicle?

Eating is discouraged. Snacks may be brought into the vehicle, but certain foods, such as pizza, or anything that can cause major stains, is not allowed. Remember, you are responsible for the cost of any unusual cleanup, or detailing needed.

What if someone throws up or damages the interior of the vehicle?

The passenger making the reservation is responsible for the entire group. Any damages are the responsibility of the individual renting the limousine. So are any legal fees and court costs associated with trying to collect.

Cleanups involving professional carpet shampooing, such as vomit, START at $250.00. Rips and tears START at $200.00. The final total will be assessed after billing is received, and lost time is figured.